Hacash in 2020: The Beginning of Real Money

Ken You
4 min readJan 1, 2021

The genesis block of Hacash was mined on February 4, 2019. When I first learned about Hacash in December 2019, I only saw it as a very special and innovative project. But after I learned about this project again, I was absolutely fascinated by the point of view that open finance can’t do evil; And after the third study on it,I realized that it would be the future money, and it would do better than Bitcoin.

The First Hacash Block Info

In June 2020, I persuaded my friends, to launch the first global mining pool — HacashPool to provide mining services to the world. In our team, I’m mainly responsible for the marketing. After several months of operations, more than 100 miners from different countries around the world have joined and mined Hacash.

HacashPool Demographics Overview

In order to solve the trouble of transactions in the early days, I launched the HAC Swap Services by converting eHAC (ERC20-Hacash) to HAC with a ratio of 1:1. Statistically, eHAc does a great job in boosting HAC’s trading volume in Uniswap. With the future development and growth of Hacash, it is certain that I will iterate HAC Swap towards automation to provide traders with a better experience and to let them embrace the DeFi ecosystem.

ERC20-Hacash Overview

Besides the business level, we spent a lot of time promoting Hacash. I’m excited to see that Hacashpool played a major role in promoting Hacash in the early days. More and more people have built their own full nodes for mining, and Hacash’s hash power has continued to grow steadily.

Hacash nodes secreen shot on 01/01/2020

Everyone in the community is working together to build Hacash in their own ways —Trevor made HACD tutorials, Jojo developed offline wallets for everyone to store HAC safely, Asher made the Hacash block reward countdown, Vaibhav made HacashTalk, Jose created the first Discord community, and some people made a list of addresses owned by HACD. Everyone is constantly solving various problems. This is exactly what a healthy community growth should look like.

Hacash Block Reward Countdown
“Why Hacash is better than Bitcoin” discussion in HacashTalk


Hacashpool will need investment to develop into a more professional mining pool. The goal together with my partners is to build a channel chain wallet so that people around the world can use it more conveniently.

Code about creating a settlement channel from Hacash white paper translaed by Google

In 2021, I will apply to add Hacash to some exchanges and wallets, and bring Hacash to more people so more people will understand why Hacash is the money we should care.

Traits of Money Comparison

I predict that 5 important things will happen to Hacash in 2021:

  1. Hacash’s hash power will be significantly improved, and GPU mining may appear
  2. HAC will be listed on some exchanges and supported by some wallets
  3. Bitcoin will be transferred into the Hacash chain
  4. HACD bids will continue to rise
  5. More and more developers will join Hacash community to create more tools and projects

It has been half a year since I started building Hacashpool and preaching on Hacash. At the beginning of 2021, I would like to thank the creator of Hacash for selfless gives of better money for mankind, and thank my partners for advancing Hacashpool business together even without incentives at present, and thank my family for supporting me, thank my lover for giving me the domain name of Hacash.com, thank my friends for trusting me, thank the community for building Hacash. Let us work together to make this great money known to more people in 2021.