Hacash in 2020: The Beginning of Real Money

The First Hacash Block Info
HacashPool Demographics Overview
ERC20-Hacash Overview
Hacash nodes secreen shot on 01/01/2020
Hacash Block Reward Countdown
“Why Hacash is better than Bitcoin” discussion in HacashTalk


Hacashpool will need investment to develop into a more professional mining pool. The goal together with my partners is to build a channel chain wallet so that people around the world can use it more conveniently.

Code about creating a settlement channel from Hacash white paper translaed by Google
Traits of Money Comparison
  1. Hacash’s hash power will be significantly improved, and GPU mining may appear
  2. HAC will be listed on some exchanges and supported by some wallets
  3. Bitcoin will be transferred into the Hacash chain
  4. HACD bids will continue to rise
  5. More and more developers will join Hacash community to create more tools and projects



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